Traditional Phone Service

Analogue’s not had its day quite yet! The featured products are our standalone variants.

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No Minimum Call Spend

We do not force any of our customers to reach minimum call commitments. This means that our customers benefit from our low-cost calls no matter how large or small their phone bill is. Businesses may not realise that penalty charges may be being applied to their bills, owing to failed spend commitments.

Per-Second Billing

Unlike some of our competitors, we will only bill you for the time you spend on the call. This is done by billing on a per second basis rather than rounding calls to the nearest whole minute. It is one of many ways we want to ensure our billing is as clear and simple as possible.


“I would just like to recommend Ballscoigne Telecommunications Ltd. I was without a phoneline due to BT switching to fibre digital on my phone line, l had no idea that my house phone system wouldn’t work. I spent hours trying to find out what BT were going to do about the problem, they offered me a phone and plug. After a month of no phone I found Ballscoigne Telecommunications Ltd who at last managed to sort my problem out.”

Julia Baker

MD, The Condiment Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Voice solutions can be complicated.

What is “traditional” voice?

“Traditional” refers to the analogue nature of the phone service. A copper line carries your calls. Many people associate traditional telephony with exorbitant prices, but we aim to change that.

Do you provide a hosted VoIP service?

Our VoIP service is very close to completion. You will soon enjoy all the benefits of a hosted PBX along with some other lesser-seen features, such as auto-provisioning. Stay tuned for updates!

Where can I see a full list of prices?

We have a pricing page here.

What is the contract length for your voice solutions?

Every new customer is subject to a 12-month minimum length contract.

How do I place an order?

Visit our Register page and fill out the form. We will create an account for you, so that you can use our control panel. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible to discuss installation details, business needs, and more.

What is ISDN?

ISDN splits the traditional copper telephone line into multiple digital channels. These channels operate concurrently on a single copper line, allowing multiple phones to make and receive calls simultaneously using one physical line.

Digital Phone Line FAQ

What is a digital phone line?

A digital phone line isn’t really a line. It’s a different way of handling telephone calls entirely over the Internet.

Do I need a digital phone line?

Depending on your location, ultrafast fibre may be the only broadband available, and in this case, if you want to make telephone calls, you will need to get a digital phone line. For now, we are still offering all our customers standard line rental if they can get it.

If you’re confused, don’t worry! Our helpful team of experts will let you know if you need a digital phone line, but chances are, you won’t need to think about it yet.

Is a digital phone line different to Cloud Voice/Hosted Telephony/VoIP?

No, they are all exactly the same thing, although to avoid confusing consumers, Big Telecom has decided to call simple VoIP services Digital Phone Lines. Our hosted VoIP comes with full IPPBX functionality.

Can I use my existing telephone with a digital phone line?

Yes, but you will need to purchase a VoIP adapter in order for it to work.

Do I need to change my alarms/EPOS/card machines/lifts/personal care system/London Oyster card machine?

Yes, all products which use analogue phone lines must be replaced with digital equivalents. Industries are required to produce digital/non-PSTN-dependent equivalents of their previous technologies, so you will still be able to have these systems working.

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