Call Centres

Call centres rely on broadband and voice solutions to survive.


High Bandwidth Broadband

No matter if you use a cloud-based CRM or have 100 concurrent VoIP users, we have the broadband infrastructure required to support your needs.

VoIP and Traditional Voice Solutions

We haven’t forgotten analogue quite yet! Even in 2021, it can turn out cheaper to combine traditional telephony with broadband. We will help you find the best solution within your company’s means.


Safe And Secure

All our voice solutions have automated fraud protection as standard.

Start From Scratch


You might be completely comfortable with setting up a call centre, but if you’re not, we can do the whole process for you, even going so far as to procure and automatically provision your VoIP handsets.

Get in touch today and see how we can help you get set up.



We can port your existing numbers over, automatically provision your existing IP phones* with our portal, and even transfer your Internet access to us. No matter what you’d like to do, we can help.

*Some devices may not be supported.

The Backbone Behind the Nation's Call Centres

With resilient and reliable Internet access, your VoIP-based call centre will be working 24/7.

Keep in Touch

We mention product updates, service updates, and more!