Every industry benefits from Ballscoigne. Here are some specific examples.


Call Centres

Whether you choose VoIP or traditional, UK-based call centres benefit greatly from our unique offerings and low call charges.


Even temporary building sites need internet access and voice solutions. Construction companies have much to gain from our rolling contracts.

Serviced Offices

Providing offices with all the bells and whistles – a difficult task at the best of times. Our resilient leased lines and VoIP service is the backbone behind many a serviced office.

Small Businesses

Do you work from home? Maybe you own a chain of retail shops all across the UK. Even if you have a small, one floor building, you can still benefit from Ballscoigne’s offerings.

Collocation Services and Hosting Services

With leased line bandwidth up to 10 Gbps, you can be sure your customers will be able to access their servers at breathtaking speeds every time, no matter how large your portfolio.


Be it education or government, you need services you can rely on for anything.

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