A Phone Line Story

How restarting one phone line solved 4 months of anguish.


The Situation

A business-owner in Hampshire, Julia, reached out to us because her phones were no longer working, since her old provider had switched her over to the new digital phone technology.

She was expecting to pay a company to install a brand new digital phone system in her house, because her current phones were analogue only.

Next Steps

Rather than have her spend money, needlessly, on lots of new hardware, we had already devised a simpler solution; we would simply turn her old phone line back on! She was out of contract, so there was nothing stopping us.

To avoid any disappointment, we needed the customer to perform some checks on her phone sockets to ensure they could be successfully switched back on. The customer did not feel comfortable in running these checks, so we sent one of our sales reps out to perform the checks himself.

After a quick 30-minute visit, we learned everything was in working order. The phone service was switched back on within 1 day.

We Can Help You Too

What we did for Julia, we can do for you. Your phone line isn’t destined for obsoletion when you go with Ballscoigne.

Every day, we help businesses reduce frustration, improve reliability, and stay profitable. Get in touch and let us help yours.

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