SIP Trunking

Use our lines with your IPPBX. If an outage occurs, most of our hosted VoIP features are available to you.

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All SIP Trunking Features

Call Flows

A call flow is a simple way to create “journeys” for your call to go on.

For example, when a call comes in, you can choose whether to send it to a user, play a sound, or send it straight to voicemail.

Enhanced SIP Trunk

Access advanced call handling features normally associated with Hosted VoIP on your SIP Trunk. Deploy via callflow.

  • Change Caller ID
  • Prepend Caller ID
  • Jump to Callflow
  • Opening Hours
  • Caller Menu (IVR)
  • Play Media


Number Presentation

Set how your number is presented in outbound calls.

Call Recordings

Call recordings are available from our control panel.

Call Diversions

Divert a call (make it dial a new number) anywhere you wish.

Call Menus

When someone calls you, you can have them go through a call menu (press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts, etc).

Fraud Protection

We can send proactive alerts if spending reaches certain levels, as well as intelligent warnings if traffic is out of the ordinary. Alerts can be issued via email and SMS.

Elevate Your Business

Our hosted VoIP solution allows you to create the impression of a large-scale phone operation without the need to invest in expensive hardware.


Setup voice menus, opening hours, royality-free hold music, and so much more. With hosted VoIP, callers will immediately be impressed by the professionalism of your business.

Device Provisioning

Our device provisioning is industry-leading. it saves you countless hours individually setting up VoIP phones on your network, and allows you to deploy new devices to your existing infrastructure with ease.

Device Management

For devices set up using our auto-provisioning, we provide industry-leading levels of control over the device.

These include:

  • Key assignment (including colour-coded diagrams to aid understanding per device)
  • Reboot and re-provisioning controls
  • Logs showing provisioning and registration attempts and outcomes
  • Settings controls for port, protocols, passwords, encryption, and codecs
  • Firmware push functionality

We support instant provisioning for over 100 desk phone models across six different popular manufacturers, and two softphone vendors. We take away the hassles of setting up new phones or the adoption of new infrastructure onto our platform. Within minutes, you can have a phone listed on our systems and connected with a tried and tested configuration.

Devices that do not support auto-provisioning can still be added manually to our platform.

Telephone Numbers

Telephone numbers are split into 5 categories:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Ported

Platinum numbers are more expensive than Bronze numbers because they are more memorable. The more expensive the number, the more memorable it is.

Bronze - Least Memorable

One provided free in our standard package.

Silver - Slightly Memorable

£7.50 one-time setup charge | £2.25/month or £22.50 annually.

Gold - Memorable

£37.50 one-time setup charge | £15/month or £150 annually.

Platinum - Extremely Memorable

£37.50 one-time setup charge | £30/month or £300 annually.

Ported - Your Previous Landline Number

£17.25 one-time setup charge | No monthly charge


We know that most small businesses are not tech companies, which is why we designed our hosted VoIP platform to be as simple as possible, without sacrificing on features or fine control.

We also know that some SMB owners need an expert’s help – we can set up your phone system remotely, even having the phones shipped directly to your business.

Fast Fixes

Our VoIP platform is built off a robust system capable of handling many connections simultaneously – all this means we can diagnose and fix faults remotely without needing to send an engineer out.


“I would just like to recommend Ballscoigne Telecommunications Ltd. I was without a phoneline due to BT switching to fibre digital on my phone line, l had no idea that my house phone system wouldn’t work. I spent hours trying to find out what BT were going to do about the problem, they offered me a phone and plug. After a month of no phone I found Ballscoigne Telecommunications Ltd who at last managed to sort my problem out.”

Julia Baker

MD, The Condiment Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Voice solutions can be complicated.

What is hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP is a cloud-based phone system, meaning you get all the features of an expensive telephone system at a fraction of the price. It’s how you can get hold music, opening hours, and more, without having to pay £1000+ for extra hardware.

Do I need special equipment?

To use hosted VoIP, you will need a VoIP telephone, such as a Grandstream GXP1610 IP Phone. VoIP phones must be connected to the internet, so you will need an Internet connection, and you may need an Ethernet cable to connect the VoIP phone to the Internet. The vast majority of VoIP phones should have no trouble connecting, but if you’d like some advice, send us an email.

Where can I see a full list of prices?

We have a pricing page here.

What is the contract length for hosted VoIP?

It’s a monthly rolling contract. Cancel at any time.

How do I place an order?

Visit our Register page and fill out the form. We will create an account for you, so that you can use our control panel. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible to discuss installation details, business needs, and more.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking allows you to connect an existing PBX to our network with SIP trunks, accessing high quality calls and our resilient infrastructure.

What is a SIP user?

Think of a SIP user as a set of login credentials that you need to make and receive telephone calls using an IP phone.

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